This is such an indispensable item yet there are many babies bathing tubs to choose from. How do we go about finding the right one. Well I am going to try to make this easier for you by pointing a few things to consider so that you and your baby are very satisfied with the bathing tub.

Size Is Important

This is in respect to your baby’s size and also taking into consideration his growing rate. You want to buy a tub where the baby can move well yet not be too large that is hard to keep the baby in place. Too large, it allows for too much movement and easier for the baby to fall flat on his back. Too small, the baby has no moving space at all making it hard to handle the baby withing the tub.

Shape Is Also Important

The things that need to be considered is how well can the baby sit and lay down in an incline when the water is in. The baby needs to lay on an incline head high so the water must not go into his ears. When the baby sits, he should not be able to make a full turn of his body while in the sitting position (this applies to babies under 9 months). When the baby is older than 10 months he will need a bigger tub for more space to play or you can use the bath tub.
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Using Existing Bath Tub

This is a good option for babies over 10 months old. You have to take some precautions:

  • Clear all objects from the surrounding area except the baby water toys
  • Install a Non-Slip Mat that has suction cups (wet the mat underneath and then press on the suction cups to assure a secure hold) Mat should cover 90% of the tub’s bottom surface.
  • Keep the baby on the side opposite to the faucet and water controls.
  • As with any bath tub, never leave the baby unattended.
  • Fill with water to a safety level, when the baby is sitting in the tub, water should not be higher than an inch above his belly button.

Make It Fun

Above all remember that this is a fun time for you and your baby to play and enjoy the water. Do not forget baby bath toys. It is very important for babies to learn to enjoy and have fun in the water. Remember that you would want the baby to learn to swim in the near future so this is a preamble to that.

Keep In Mind

A bath should always be an enjoyable, soothing, and calming time. Great before a long nap and even better before going to bed for the night.

I hope this helps you and your baby have a little safe and fun time.

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Happy baby times!!!