We have to take care of our baby 24/7 there is no rest. The better prepared we are the easier our day is going to be. Certain things are essential to have, baby diaper changing tables are among them. It helps with being organized and makes the whole process a lot easier.


This goes without explanation, our baby needs to be comfortable during diaper changes. This is something that we are going to be doing over and over day after day for a long while.


Easy to move around and relocate. Can quickly be put out of the way and back in place. This makes it easy for when we are cleaning the area or room where we have the table located. It is also very convenient if it comes with wheels so all we have to do is push it around. Storage space is a plus, it would come in handy for diapers, wipes, lotions. Safety straps are important to secure the baby while we change the diaper.

Easy To Clean

Hygiene is extremely important to keep our baby healthy and in top shape. It is imperative that our diaper changing table is easy to clean and sanitize. Preferably one with smooth surfaces.

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Practical Location

Find a convenient location in your home where to keep the changing table. Make sure it is readily accessible when the baby needs a diaper change. Ideally we would want to have it near the crib so is easy to go from the crib to the table and vice versa.

Regular Inspection

As with all baby related items, it needs to be inspected often to make sure it is in optimal working condition. No moving or loose parts, no tears, nothing that would cause scratching when in contact with the skin. All screws and bolts are tightly secured. Make it a have to quickly inspect at least once a week.

Remember that safety always comes first.

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