Today I am going to talk about the importance of a baby monitor system. There is nothing more precious in our lives than our little ones. They are the reason why our heart beats and they give us the strength to keep going no matter what. We will do whatever it takes to keep them safe and happy no matter the cost. A baby monitor goes a long way to help us to keep them safe. So this is the reason why I am writing about this today.

Safety Is Always First

The main reason to buy a baby monitor is for safety. You can keep and eye and ear as to what’s going on with your baby while you are not in the immediate presence. The system must be real time in order to satisfy the needs. No video or sound delays is a must. The key here is reliability.

Baby Activity

Being able to monitor your baby’s activity while he/she plays or sleep in the crib or appropriate prepared area is crucial.

An ideal system allows you to see and hear all that is going on in real time. From sleeping position to an alert situation where you need to take action and assist your baby. Every moment counts for we cannot foresee when the moment arrives where our baby needs us most.

Peace of Mind

A baby monitor gives you peace of mind letting you still be in charge of your baby’s well-being while he plays or sleep. Simplicity is key when considering a given product. Something you can use without having to reference a manual. Remember: Easy, Simple, Reliable, and Affordable

Getting Things Done

You can get things done while still being able to keep an eye on your precious little one. We want to be proficient while our baby sleeps, but we also want to be aware of all that is going on. We need extra eyes and ears for our baby’s sake. Ideally the baby monitor comes with a mobile app that makes life easier. Carrying extra gadgets could be counterproductive. If it integrates with our phone then it is ideal since it is the one gadget we carry everywhere we go.

Choose Practical over Complex and Expensive

What is important here is to choose wisely based on what makes sense for you. Remember that more expensive DOES NOT equal to better. It is not about the stitch name, is about features, usability, simplicity, and consistency. Let’s take a look at the things we would like to find integrated in such a system:

  • WiFi integration
  • Easy to install, mount, and relocate
  • Video quality (clarity and resolution) is important.
  • Does the image look good under low light settings?
  • Is the sound crisp and clear?
  • Color video vs Black and White. Not that important
  • Two way communication allowing you to talk back to your baby.
  • Does it have an intuitive user interface?
  • Is there a mobile app to interface with it? ***This is super important
  • Can pictures be taken? Not that important
  • Video recording? Not that important

Take all of these into account, think of what’s important to you and then see what’s available. Later on I will be posting about some neat systems that might be worth a try.

Here are a couple of options:

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Until next time,