In today’s world knowing more than one language is very important, convenient, rewarding, it is a huge asset, and it could be remunerating. This is why I decided to talk about how to raise bilingual child. Speaking more than one language speak more than one language, the least you can do is pass this gift on to your children.

Speak The Language At Home

Being a native Spanish speaker I have decided to teach the language to all my children. The approach I have taken is to speak the language at home so they will be expose to it naturally. They will pick up English once they start school. This has worked successfully with all my kids. So I say it once more: Speak the language at home. This is the most natural way for anyone to learn a new language by being expose to it in the natural surroundings.

Be Consistent

It is key to be consistent if you want to succeed at teaching your child your native language. This means no weak moments, speak the language all the time. During the day, at meal times, when playing, bedtime stories, family gatherings. Practice, practice, practice.

Go On Field Trips With Your Child

Have your child experience the world around him in the context of your native language. This is call full immersion, totally immersing your child into learning the language. This is how we all learn our native language so it is a natural process.

Use the world around you to teach your child the language you grew up speaking with your parents.

Continue The Heritage Succession

Teaching your child your native language is not only something that will be extremely beneficial, but most important it will bind him to his heritage, customs, people, and places where your native language has its roots. This is knowledge expansion, broadening horizons, opening future opportunities, and giving your child a chance to explore and experience a world that otherwise would stay dormant forever.

Raising a Bilingual Child (Living Language Series)

There Is No Limit

I have talked about teaching your child your native language, but what if like me you and your spouse both have native languages different from English. It is OK to simultaneously teach more than one language. In my case I speak Spanish and my wife speaks Russian. We both talk to our child in our native language so he learns both at the same time. This way he will have ties to both of our heritages. He will be able to communicate with his Spanish and Russian relatives that live abroad and when he visits he won’t feel like a stranger.

I am sure you can see the many benefits of speaking more than one language. The best time to learn a language is when we are growing up. Speaking more than one language speak another language please pass on the benefit to your child. I promise he or she will be forever grateful.

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