Music is definitely something we all need in our lives. It brings memories and help us create new ones. While listening to music, sometimes we can play a video on our heads about a memory that it brings to mind.

Sleepy music for babies is not a foreign concept, even ourselves for asleep listening to music. We just have to pick the right music for our precious little one.


In reality a lot of different music can help us to fall asleep, but we want to find music that will soothe our baby, positively stimulate his brain waves while sleeping. Music that will allow us to concentrate do other things while the baby sleeps.

Listen To The Grand Masters

I have to say here that I am bias in favor of classical music. What better music for my baby than the one that comes from the greatest musical geniuses in history, Mozart being my favorite.

All in all without a doubt classical music resonates at a higher octave from a spiritual standpoint. It elevates the soul, feels us with positive energy.

I must recommend classical music. Make it a habit, you will see that it pays off in the long run. This music stimulates our senses at the subconscious level improving our behavior in general.

The 50 Greatest Pieces of Classical Music

Low Volume

Keep that volume low. As we fall asleep the sense of hearing heightened as a result of natural survival and preservation instinct. Whatever the volume is, it becomes louder once we are sleeping. This is very important so keep that volume low.

Do Not Play From Radio Station

There is a reason for this and you probably guessed it. Distraction will come with those unwanted commercials, thus interrupting the wave of naturally falling asleep. So stick to CD or whatever means of music streaming without commercials.

Make It A Habit

Must emphasize again that you make it a habit. It pays off in the long run.

Now let my baby be embraced by Morpheus and dream happily.

Here is something you could try for your baby to sleep more comfortable.